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Below is a listing of general information about Match Operations

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MRRA Rules for conducting a State Championship Match or Tournament.
Approved at the December 3 membership meeting 2011. Updated December 12, 2020, December 12, 2021
  1. All State Championship Matches must include a program that indicates that the match is Minnesota State Championship Match or Tournament.
  2. The Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association (MRRA) State Championship can be only be won by a MRRA member (including non-resident MRRA members).
  3. The Match Winner at a State Championship may be a non-MRRA member.
  4. The MRRA trophy maintenance fee will be set by the Board at the Fall Membership meeting.
  5. The hosting club must make arrangements for distribution of class winner certificates.
  6. The hosting club must submit MRRA trophy maintenance fees to the MRRA Treasurer within 30 days of completion of the match.
  7. The hosting club must submit a copy of the match report or bulletin to the MRRA discipline Chair, President or web master so that the winner's information can be recorded in the MRRA records.
  8. Eligible Juniors are in a separate category for State Championship title consideration. The Junior category is one or more junior shooter(s).
  9. A person can win both a special category and match winner in the same match.
  10. The MRRA Executive Board is Authorized to sanction State Championship Matches under NRA, CMP, USA Shooting Rules or Single Shot Association Rules for Schuetzen.
  11. All Minnesota Rifle & Revolver Association State Championship Matches or Tournaments must be operated under the rules that sanction the match.
  12. State Championships must be hosted by MRRA member clubs.
  13. All shooters participating in an MRRA State Championship must be members of the MRRA or members of their own state association if non-residents, proof of membership is the responsibility of the shooter.
  14. State Championship Matches must be bid on at the MRRA Fall Membership Meeting.
  15. The MRRA President is authorized to sanction State Championship Matches on behalf of the MRRA that are proposed after the MRRA Fall Membership meeting if the event has not been bid on by an MRRA member club at the Fall Membership meeting.
  16. The Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association (MRRA) will award trophy plaques to:
1) Minnesota State Champions (subject to MRRA membership).
2) High Junior (regardless of number of Junior entries). No other award plaques are authorized.
Match Directors may purchase (at their own/Host Club's cost) award plaques for other categories/classes (e.g. High Non-Resident Senior, Grand Senior, etc.).

George Minerich, MRRA President

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