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Below is a listing of some general information about the various shooting disciplines supported by the MRRA. If you have any questions about any of the following disciplines or equipment required that aren't answered below, feel free to contact the webmaster and he will be sure that your questions get answered.

International  | High Power  | Palma  | Silhouette  | Capt'n Bob's Highpower Glossary

Bullseye Pistol |  Capt'n Bob's Mid-range Guide |  Capt'n Bob's Match Check List |  F-Class

The Rifleman Writes by Larry Sawyer


What is F-Class competition? Well, it is sort of a cross between Palma-style shooting and conventional benchrest. You shoot from the ground, like Palma, but you use a high-power scope, front rest (or bipod) and rear bag, like Benchrest. Most matches are scored by hit value like Palma, rather than group size like 1000 yd Benchrest. F-class is one of the fastest growing forms of rifle competition. Scopes allow the shooters to wring the full accuracy out of their guns at long range. Shooting from the ground allows matches to be conducted at ranges that don't have benches for long distances.

Being so new, F-class rules are still evolving, but here in the United States, two classes are recognized: Open, with a rifle weight limit of 10kg (22 lbs) and F/TR (F-Class/Target Rifle) with is restricted to .223Rem. and .308Win. caliber rifles fired off of bipods, with a 18.15 pound weight limit. A rear rest (sandbag or sock) is permitted if wanted.

The MRRA welcomes this new sport and supports it growth. There will be several F-class matches as well as a State championship this year. Watch for news as well as a F-class section on the MRRA website. Most F-class matches will be held in conjunction with Highpower (midrange), Palma and International matches although the growing popularity of F-class will encourage dedicated matches in the future.

The following web sites have more information on this exciting new sport.