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   - Minnesota State Resident Records -
300 Meter Prone:  Val Sjoblom200-9x2000
300 Meter Standing:  Lance Peters1861998
300 Meter Kneeling:  Lance Peters1962000
300 Meter 1/2 Course:  Lance Peters5661999
200 Yard Offhand:  Lance Peters200-11x1994
Offhand (1000pt Agg):  Brad Yliniemi995-46x2018
200 Yd Rapid:  Bob Sailor/Dwight Barth200-15x1980/1989
300 Yd Rapid:  Vern Kes200-16x1995
500 Yd Slow Fire:  Gene Dathe200-23x1995
500 Point Agg. :  Gene Dathe495-25x1995
600 Yd Slow Fire:  George Pfoser200-13x1993
600 Yd Agg. Any/Iron:  Don Sjoblom798-49x2000
800 Point Agg. (600 sf):  Bob Sailor793-37x1978
800 Point Agg. (500 sf):  Dwight Barth797-37x1994
1000 Yd Any/Iron Sight:  Brian Mrnak200-16x2020
1000 Yd Any/Any Sight:  Brian Mrnak200-16x2020
1000 Yd Service Rifle: Dwight Barth193-6x1995
1000 Yd Match Rifle: Bob Peasley199-7x1997
1000 Yd 40 Shot Agg. : Dale Wickstrom399-20x1995
1000 Yd 60 Shot Agg. : Phil Klanderud598-35x2020
1000 Point Agg. (600 sf):  Lee Sailor983-39x1985
1000 Point Agg. (500 sf):  Gene Dathe992-51x1994
Long Range Course:  Gene Dathe594-15x1995
Palma:  Steve Naumann450-24x2017
N. M. C. Team:  NWGC1970-70x1997
 Jeff Jezierski495-19x
 Dale Wickstrom495-17x
 Dwight Barth494-19x
 Jim Biles486-15x
Service Rifle Team:  MRRA Gold1947-54x1996
 Lee Sailor480-19x
 Jeff Jezerski488-10x
 Stacy Tamulinas491-19x
 Vern Kes480-10x
1000 Yd Team:  Northstar Gold1564-52x2002
 John Andres Sr392-09x
 Bob Peasley388-12x
 Steve Erickson387-12x
 John Andres Jr.397-19x